sit & stand & sit

Imagine a desk tailored to your height, whether sitting or standing allowing for optimum posture... and being able to move between them with a simple adjustment.

amperstand is committed to helping create a change in how everyone uses desks with our products. At home, in workplaces, at schools and educational facilities.

If you are standing at your desk reading this, then there is every chance you understand the adverse health outcomes resulting from continued sitting, and perhaps even the benefits of standing a little more each day.

Researchers and health professionals have published extensively as to how inactivity leads to a range of health related issues. Studies also illustrate that increased standing results in higher calorie burn, and that academic and work performance can be enhanced by improved focus and attention.

Movement is the key. Never sit still.

Amperstand is an Australian designer, manufacturer and distributor of height adjustable desks, we are committed to helping create a change in how everyone uses desks – at home, in the workplace or in schools – to get people on their feet.

Let’s do away with the mindset that sitting is the norm, and that flexibility to sit and stand is for the fortunate few. We hope you share the amperstand vision and will join us on the journey.

we believe in change through innovation.