A Catalyst for change - Sit less, Stand more

The ABC’s ‘Catalyst’ program screened a piece in August 2012, simply titledSittingisDeadly. Despite five years passing since it first aired, Iwould strongly encourage you to view athttp://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3568627.htm. An ever growing body of research points to the simple fact that people who sit morelikelyto suffer from heart disease and diabetes (to name a few)ordie earlier than those who sit less.

As you watch the video, or read the transcript, consider how much you sit each day, and then think about how much your child or children sit each day.either at home, on public transport, and at school. Yep, it’s frightening.

Behaviour modification becomes more difficult the older we become. More and more adults are beginning to sit less and stand more at work as their employers recognise the benefits of doing so (and consequences of not doing so).Logically then, should we not be extending this movement into schools and other learning institutions?Yes, we should.

Ina single student generation, we canchange behaviours and transformtheclassroom.

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