Budget (or Budge It) ??

Federal Budget weekhere in Australia. It is pleasing to see funds allocated to the Heart Foundation for their continued support of initiatives to have people walking to work,  as well as for a National Sports Plan. Surely that will receive bipartisan support and sail through Parliament..but you never know in Australia.

One thing caught my eye yesterday morning. I caught part of an interview Ross Greenwood held with the Prime Minister post the budget. One scene had PM Turnbull showing Ross his height adjustable desk.

That reminded me of an article from a few months back about Federal government departments ordering height adjustable desks for specific staff. From January to December, just shy of 1000 height adjustable desks were purchased at a cost of $1.5mn for staff who requested them for health specific reasons.1

Let’s hope that future Federal and State budgets allocate funds to the broadening this initiative, not only in the workplace, but into schools and educational facilities.

Jonathan Brunello 

1.Courier Mail, Dec 24 2016