But this is what we’ve always done…

Amperstand Sit/Stand Desks

The idea of change evokes different reactions within people. It is something that is with us from the moment we take our first breath, until out last. Some change passes without us noticing, yet other times we are immediately aware of its impact. It can be rewarding. It can be confronting. It is inevitable.
Why then talk about change? Over the past few years, and many conversations with people about what Amperstand offers, I’ve had the opportunity to witness how people view change and their willingness to embrace change. It has opened my eyes to the way people are wired, and by that I mean whether they are change seekers/adopters or change avoiders
A conversation with a potential customer left me wondering why change avoiders are unwilling to consider alternatives. Their mentality of 'we’ve always done it this way’, or ‘I don’t think we would be willing to do that’ to me at least go against natural human instinct. And most of the time the change avoiders are the gatekeeper to the change seeker. It is beyond frustrating.
Fortunately, we have the change seekers/adopters. In recent weeks, seeds planted with these people have led to immensely positive health and wellbeing outcomes for students and young adults. These people had a duty of care to consider an alternative, and in doing so, changed the way people in their care will now grow and learn.
So if you find yourself avoiding change because it's the path of least resistance, consider the positive impact you might be denying others.
Stay safe.
Jonathan Brunello