A few weeks ago I bought a book titled Deskbound: Standing Up in a Sitting World, written by Dr. Kelly Starrett (along with his wife Julie and New York Times writer Glen Cordoza).

I had come across the Starrick’s last year, discussing work they had done at their daughter’s school in California.Having witnessed the changes taking place in children’s running techniques and postures between preschool (active, less sitting) and Year 1 (sitting is more common),Kelly and Julie decided to do something about it.A meetingwith theprincipal explainedhow 'standing would not only prevent a myriad of orthopedic problems in children but could also be a simple and elegant tool in combating childhood obesity, increasing classroom concentration and more. 1

Withintwelve months, Vellecito Elementary School had become the world’s first all- standing school, and the not for had been formed.

So I ask, what are the takeaways from this?

1) We need people like the Starrick’s, with the training and expertise to know what they are talking about, to bring issues like this to the attention of people who can do something about it. My Mum did this at our school tuckshop in the 80’s, in having sweets and fizzy drinks removed from the menu. Looking at tuckshop menu’s now, I can see that she was way ahead of her time....

2) Listeners and acknowledgers are great, but we need doer's i.e.,people who will get stuff done.Hats off to Tracy Smith, the Principal at Vallecito Elementary School who made it happen.




1. Deskbound: Standing Up in a Sitting World,Starrett, Kelly et al, Victoria Belt PublishingInc, 2016