Don't just take my word for it...

The closest I have ever been to sporting glory is the monthly dream (nightmare) of waking up as the opening batsman for Australia, with M.L Hayden at the other end. And it usually ends up with me forgetting to put on my pads or having arms of lead and not being able to hit the ball...then I wake up...hoping that the next time I'll get off the mark.

So when my sister asked me whether I had read Jane Flemming's (Australian Olympian and Commonwealth Games champion) comments about the need to get Aussie kids standing and moving, I took notice.

The gist of what Jane is saying is pretty simple, and I doubt anyone would deny that it makes sense...1) legislate to have every second classroom lesson be a stand up lesson 2) drop kids off further from school so they have to walk further.

Legislation is problematic in this country. The Prime Minister (who waded into the conversation on 3AW) suggested that we leave it up to the teachers to run their own classes. That makes sense, so long as those teachers who recognise the benefits of mobility in the classroom are being provided with the tools to 'run their own classroom'.

As for Amperstand, we take delivery of our prototype desk on Wednesday...we might even show you what it looks like in the next post. It's named Brewster.