Join the Movement

Winding the clock back to April 2017, one of my first blogs related to a book I had purchased, titled Deskbound : Standing Up in a Sitting World.

Written by Dr. Kelly Starrett (along with his wife Julie and New York Times writer Glen Cordoza), Deskbound sought to draw attention the issues of a sedentary lifestyle, and how we, as society, have become predisposed to sitting. It sought to provide solutions to the reader for people of all ages.

Julie Starrett published an article this week, Eight Reasons Why Kids Should Stand At School. She is quick to point out that ‘It’s not about standing, it’s about reducing sedentary behaviour by creating more opportunities for movement during the school day’. These are words we have used time and again when speaking with teachers, principals, students and even people within government.

The article will take you five minutes to read. Even if you don’t have children, consider your own lifestyle and develop ways to sit less, move more.

I’m off to my daughter’s netball now. Have a great weekend.

Jonathan Brunello