On the rise

Almost one year ago, I put pen to paper, and posted my first blog on behalf of Amperstand. If you are one of the 411 unique visitors to amperstand.com.au, thanks for checking in on what we are doing.

Looking back on that first post and the few I have published in the What’s Up section of the website, one might wonder what Amperstand has been up to. I’ll save you the detail, though I will say it’s been an amazing ride setting up the structure and mechanics of a new business in Australia, something I didn’t think I would ever do.

The coming weeks promise to be the most exciting and anxious since inception. I expect to sign a Manufacturing Agreement and begin pre-production sample manufacture for both our Junior and Intermediate/Senior desks within the coming 2-3 weeks. Those desks will undertake a rigorous, independent testing process, no doubt some tweaks here and there, until such time as we are sufficiently comfortable to signing off on full scale production.

At a more appropriate time, I will disclose more details on our partners in production, logistics, warehousing and distribution. What I can say is that we are incredibly proud to have been introduced to and be working with organisations who give back to the community, providing opportunities for people with disability.

Until next time.

Jonathan Brunello