reMOVE the bias

reMOVE the bias

I recently met the parent of two young adults, one male, one female.

The young man, a recent graduate from secondary school with a 99.5 ATAR, was about to undertake a Business/Engineering degree.

The young woman, in her final year of school, has plans to pursue a more artistic/design focussed career. She is ADHD diagnosed.

The parent commented that her daughter had, on numerous occasions, said that she 'felt constrained' by her 'generic learning environment', and that the ability to MOVE would be beneficial to her academic success.

This story is not unique. What is interesting is that most people tend to assume that it is just 'boys' that need to move, and the ability to sit/stand would be beneficial to 'boys' only. That couldn't be further from the truth.

So on International Woman's Day 2022 (and beyond), let's #breakthebias. 

Every student, Every opportunity, Every day.